“0” Zero Point – A Sustainable Art Exhibition by Deniz Sagdic

Could art also be made eco-friendly? Could we recycle art or could recycling turn into art? In these days where everyone tries to do something ecologic, art also gets its share. Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) collaborates with the artist Deniz Sagdic (Deniz Sağdıç in Turkish) for an eco-friendly exhibition called “0” Zero Point. IGA waste management center collected the old uniforms, their buttons, the plastic boxes, bags and other kinds of waste and Deniz Sagdic turned them into beautiful portraits with her team in four months of work.

The 20 portraits contain people of different nationalities and they are produced with all kinds of materials. They are now being exhibited in the IGA international departures area and the exhibition is called “0” Zero Point. The “wasted” materials turned to their zero point and became something else, an art piece, a green art if you will, and that gains us a new perspective for those materials about how they can be recycled, or rather upcycled. The portraits look like a normal piece of art afar but when you come closer you see that they are just buttons or plastic bags and it is fascinating to notice that everything can be art. But don’t forget, not everyone can be an artist! 

An upcycle art piece by Deniz Sagdic (Deniz Sağdıç) is on display at IGA.

Art and Sustainability

Deniz Sagdic has been doing similar sustainable art projects under the name of Ready-ReMade which she has started in 2015. She mostly prefers to turn what we considered waste into human portraits because she wants to draw attention to the causation of the waste. This way she shows people that even the simplest materials can be used to produce an art piece and art can be sustainable. This way art shows and inspires people about how to be sustainable and eco-friendly, while itself being those concepts. Sagdic also wants to make a point about what we leave behind us to never think about them again. She proves that they deserve a second chance!

Deniz Sagdic is mainly working on the Sustainability subject in her art projects.

Our future, and that of future generations, is on the line. So, I invite everyone to take part in a more sustainble life.

Deniz Sagdic, on “0” Zero Point Exhibition
“0” Zero Point exhibition, IGA, Istanbul.

I have been working on the environment for many years. In fact, all the artifacts you see here consist of small particles left by each passenger. Various portraits of people, regardless of religion, language or race, that I made from those pieces, welcome you in the exhibition.

Deniz Sagdic

Denim Art by Deniz Sagdic

She has also been creating denim portraits where she uses old denim clothes to produce art pieces. She has a passionate relationship with this material and it’s because denim is very common and well-known throughout the whole world so it represents equality among the people for her. From a president to a farmer everyone can wear it on any occasion. Besides the “Denim Skin” project where she is upcycling the old clothes, she is also traveling around the world to create custom city projects where citizens donate their denim clothes for the art piece. 

Deniz Sagdic working on her denim art projects in her studio.
Kobe Bryant denim art by Deniz Sagdic.

IGA runs its art and culture events under the roof of IGART, which widens its activity every day with new exhibitions, live music concerts and workshops at the airport. IGART aims to connect airport people with innovative art while inspiring them with sustainability and recycling. The Zero Point exhibition will be available to passengers for the next three months until mid-April, 2022; The revenue from the sales of the portraits will be used for IGA’s corporate social responsibility projects.

Don’t forget to check out Deniz Sagdic’s Instagram page for more sustainable art projects.

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