Dataland by Refik Anadol – The First Multi-sensory Metaverse

Refik Anadol does not stop producing and stepping into the new ways of using technology. And now, it looks like he is into yet another AI data project, the Dataland, and this one seems to be “huge”. In his own words, this will be The world’s very first a multi-sensory Metaverse project that will re-define the relationship between perception, presence, and sensation.”

Refik Anadol has announced his new metaverse project “Dataland” via Twitter on the 8th of January. It will be a collaboration with neuroscientists, architects, artificial intelligence developers and biological scientists. Anadol aims to combine these complex disciplines together and present them in a more understandable and unique way. The project will include collaborations of many companies. NVIDIA, Google, Epic Games, L-Acoustics, LG Displays, Epson and Firmenich are among them.

Wanna be a Wizard in Dataland Metaverse?

The inclusion of neuro and biological scientists by Refik Anadol to this project might hint to us that in this Dataland metaverse will be in integration with our minds! So, we might be able to construct this universe by our thoughts and feelings which are gathered by the sensors we equipped on our heads.

Reading or digitalization of our thoughts are certainly not new and were done before. So, considering the new digital technologies we have today, and the collaborations of the giant tech companies Refik mentioned, this “World’s very first multi-sensory Metaverse” is definitely achievable.

Can you imagine being in a world where you can shape your surroundings simply with your imagination like a wizard?

Of course, we don’t know much about what exactly the Dataland project is, yet; Since he just teased it on his social media accounts. But surely, this new meditative experience (see his previous works, if you haven’t) will be unique as well.

You can follow the updates from the Dataland’s website “”.

Besides the announcements, he also shared the website of the project. In this website, you can join the waitlist to be one of the first “citizens” in this metaverse. The project’s first physical appearance (the beta version) will take place in RAS (Refik Anadol Studio) in LA on the 7th of April 2022. Multi-sensory AI data sculptures and paintings will be the main objectives of this event. The waitlist has already reached 16441 audiences on its first day, so hurry up to reverse your place by going to Datalands website.

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