Alex Katz’s Flowers Adorn The Walls of Thaddaeus Ropac!

Alex Katz’s solo exhibition ‘Flowers’ is now open in Thaddaeus Ropac Seoul Gallery until February 5!

Thaddaeus Ropac Seoul's second exhibition centered on the theme of floral touches by Alex Katz. 

Ineffable Alex Katz’s Flowers await your visit with impatience! So, nothing can stop you from now being ready to be mesmerized!


I could not help but wonder if you are into exhibitions and art galleries? Do you find it inspiring as much as I do?

More often than not, I find exhibitions as a spot I can hide from daily life hustle and bustle. Someplace I can encounter to piece. By which I mean, when I with the artworks, they are not just ordinary hosts for me, even more, like family.

Therefore, today, I will visit one exhibition which I believe in help me escape all the rush and find my true vivid colors by the guide of the scent of flowers in Seoul.

Facade view of the Fort Hill building in Seoul.

However, before starting, it’d better know what Thaddaeus Ropac is. So let’s look at it!


Founded in 1983, Thaddaeus Ropac has galleries across Europe, London, Paris, Salzburg, and lastly opened in Seoul in October 2021.

They specialize in contemporary art and represent over 60 artists, including Alex Katz, Rachel Jones, Georg Baselitz, Cory Arcangel; the gallery supports and showcases the careers of some of the most influential artists today with a wide-ranging program of over 40 exhibitions curated at the five vast and historic galleries at times.

“There is such energy and enthusiastic engagement with contemporary art in the city of Seoul, to which we will be contributing a varied exhibitions and events program. Our team is growing, and we are delighted to play a role in the already flourishing art scene, both the local and regional discourse, building on our existing collaborations with artists, collectors, museums, and institutions.”

Kyu Jin Hwang, Executive Director, Seoul
Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery locations.


Alex Katz developed his striking allegorical tone in 1950s New York. In those times, the art scene was conquered by Abstract Expressionist painters to illustrate Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning. However, Katz formed his unique style as a response to the Abstract Expressionism that monopolized the mid-20th century when he began his art. Instead, he grasped narrative, figurative clearness, and Pop Art. Also, he remains to break the chains of any particular academy or art movement.

Katz's paintings are between abstract and realistic. Which simply, they act as suspended life moments for its witnesses. His artworks let the viewer bring in their story through their perception instead of any message coming out the artist's imply.
Alex Kaltz, American figurative artist.

Broadly speaking, Alex Katz’s work has been the subject of more than 250 solo exhibitions and almost 500 group exhibitions internationally since 1951. If you want to see all of his artworks, we couldn’t give a place in this post. Instead, you can check our detailed analysis of his work of art here.

As we mentioned before, today’s exhibitions in Seoul are based on flowers, and Alex Katz is telling his motive by saying;

 “Korea has a great tradition of flower painting, and people seem to respond very strongly to my work here.”

Alex Katz


Alex Katz's Flowers exhibition possesses pre unseen art pieces from three of Alex Katz's flower series. Also, his new portraits are depicted in botanical matters displayed.
A view from Alex Katz Flowers exhibition.

In his flower-based paintings, Katz loosened the boundaries of the forms.

While he was performing them, the paintings came out all-over full of his heightened painter skills. Then, at the beginning of the new millennium, Katz began painting flowers in profusion, hiding canvases in blossoms.

While he was staying in Pennslyvania, Katz created more than 50 paintings. Specifically flowers and landscapes he saw around him, which he characterizes as “environmental.” The main motive here is to provide the viewers with the sensation of nearby nature.

Most importantly, Alex Katz studies flowers in the same manner he observes the human body. He depicts the natural transitions between the flowers and the human body.

Alex Katz’s Flower Period.
Alex Katz has found inspiration in all types of flowers, transforming wind-blown tiger lilies, marigolds, roses, and petunias into iconic works of Pop art. And, over time, Katz’s floral renditions became more vibrant and alive.


Alex Katz’s Flowers awaits your visit in the Seoul Forth Hill.
I had my eye on first his Yellow Flags, then, Wildflowers... He advises us to do lost in the blossoms. The more I lose myself, the freer I feel. Alex Katz's flowers are like to be under the impression that you were getting along like you could get along with them even though they are just the paintings, cause they are meant to be felt that you are in reality. 
1. Alex Katz, Yellow Flags, 2011.
2. Alex Katz, Blue Flags, 2014.
3. Alex Katz, 2021.
4. Alex Katz, Wildflowers, 2017.

5. Alex Katz, Yellow Flags 3, 2020.
You can find underlined colorful, vivid expressions in their deep deep down...
6. Alex Katz, Straw Hat 3, 2021.

“Flowers are some of the most difficult forms to paint because you have to capture the spatial aspect, their physicality, the surface of the flowers, and the colors”

Alex Katz
7. Alex Katz, Yellow Flags, 2020.
8. Alex Katz, 2021.

9. Alex Katz, Yellow Flags 3, 2019.
10. Alex Katz, Yellow Flags, 2011.
11. Alex Katz, Straw Hat 3, 2021.

One thing after another is coming up for Alex Katz every now and then. Hereby finishing with his quote; 

“Reality is subject to fashion and so you get something where there’s no past tense, there’s no future tense, there’s only now. I want to paint the now […] the immediate present. And that’s what consciousness is.”

Alex Katz

Last but not least, if you are into art, we will have a blast seeing you here. I hope every art-related thing will find you; see you in our following review. ????✌