KidSuper – The Story of Ever-Changing World

Have you ever sensed that I had to be amazing?

If your response is yes, today we look at one person’s life, his amazing life, and inspiring personal triumph. It might be a perfect example for us! So let’s dive into it!

Please take a moment and imagine one person who went from selling T-shirts in his high school to starting his own business, which became a famous streetwear brand!

The person is Colm Dillane! He is the founder of KidSuper! He is a math genius! Or should we say Fame Instagrammer? There are too many titles for him that we can’t count.

KidSuper in their Brooklyn Studio.

Even though KidSuper is best known for Colm’s clothing label, he favors calling all his innovative ventures beneath this title. Therefore we can define KidSuper as an impressive merge of Colm’s design clothing, paints, videos, pieces of music, and last but not least, art shows. All of his stuff is out of his lovely Brooklyn studio.


KidSuper’s name came from when he was joking around with his friend. They were doing freestyle rapping. The concept of rappers giving a name themselves impressed and inspired him. Then he wanted to come out with a name related to a superhero. And the KidSuper was born!

The founder of KidSuper, Colm Dillane.
KidSuper follows extraordinary processes. First, he thinks of a visual story then he makes paintings based on the story. Finally, add those paintings to clothes.
The Paintings From Past Solo Exhibitions of Colm Dillane, Flying Machine.


Little founder of SuperKid was Born in 1991.

Colm Dillane who owns KidSuper was born in New York City and into the American entrepreneurial dream, which helped him to feel possible. His fisherman father is from Ireland, and his artist mother is from Spain. They were street vendors. Then he moved to Mexico in his first grade, and after spending one year in Mexico, he moved to Wisconsin. Finally, in his eight-grade, he moved back to N.Y.C.

Picture of his parents and grandparents’ street vending in NYC.

When he was first moved to N.Y.C. from Wisconsin, he was mad at his parents. But, in contrast, at times, he appreciates his being in N.Y.C. And he ended up with his idea, dream, and nevertheless his success in New York! In addition, He saw numerous different lifestyles, social-economic situations, and cultures. His nomad life pushed him to have preconceived ideas of always being in the hustle and bustle, so he had to make the most of it.

Colm Dillane owns KidSuper.


He has been selected as a Shopify-sponsored brand in the ComplexCon, a massive fashion, music, and art conference. He initially thought, “If I go to ComplexCon, what if I was not taken seriously as an artist or designer?” Because he wanted to be a respected artist in galleries. And he even thought if Salvador Dali made clothing, they would not be at ComplexCon.

KidSuper won a booth at ComplexCon in LA.

However, it was such a huge event that contained loads of important people he changed his mind he said “It is no brainer this is a big thing for us.” So then he and his friends started to ComplexCon Journey. You can watch their journey in the video below.


The fashion industry is no easy nut to crack. Skill, constant work, associations, and luck all play a big part in whether a fledgling designer or brand will make it or break it. The same goes for the art world. Column Dillane is aware of the similarities in both worlds and the need for an advance on his part.

First, Column doubted himself. Being in a Parish Fashion Week show as one of the top designers seemed an unbelievable thing to do for him. But then…

New york nourished his fashion way even he was in high school; fashion was all around him. Yet, he was not on the same page with those kids wearing the expensive brands that label your wealth and make you appear cool in his high school. In fact, he was complete with the passion for making his clothes and showing the people how the way of being cool was supposed to be! Eventually, he showed it to the world. People knew him worldly, wore his clothes, and appreciated him.

And, people keep asking what is next, Colm? And he turned and said with a joke, ”Paris Fashion Show.” But his show on the fashion week is nothing but true!

KidSuper heading to the stage in the Paris Fashion Week.

The show is called bull in a china shop. KidSuper made a significant impact on the show! And after the show, he woke up with fabulous reviews. From that moment, it is all about going big or going home for him!

Fun fact about the show: Colm's mother and father were also on the stage!
Colm’s mother is on the stage in the Paris Fashion Week.


Before working with Nike, the company invited artists to draw their interpretation of a Nike shoe. However, he approached from a different point of view.

He made one video from scratch about how to make a Nike LunarEpic. He aimed to be memorable. Nike wanted a crazy shoe and contacted him, but he is still waiting for that official collaboration.

Apart from Nike, KidSuper collaborates with Puma and rising stars like Dominic Fike and Russ. He's a designer for Lil Nas X, Young Thug, and Bad Bunny. In addition, he collaborated with Shawn Mendes, Jay Balvin, ASAP, Russ, and Lolo Zouai.
KidSuper collaborates with Puma.


His clothes show an opportunity to have something exceptional and remarkable. Hand-drawn garments if you are into it, choose the KidSuper. He expresses his artistic side in his clothes, bringing up your creative way.

Photo of KidSuper, working on his project.


New York City-based designer’s telling his story by saying;

“As sophomores in high school, my friends and I started making T-shirts for our friends’ birthdays as a sort of creative outlet. Pretty soon we decided to start a T-shirt brand: Brick Oven T-shirts (BOTS for short). Once I started doing that I got addicted and it became a part of my daily thought process. When I got to college Danny Fein made me a website for me to sell my clothes. That was the first step towards people that were not my friends buying the clothes it just took off from there”

Colm Dillane, KidSuper Founder
Colm Dillane loves to produce colorful designs.

And he is continuing his story as in below…

“I went to N.Y.U. for mathematics, but when I was a sophomore, I turned my dorm room into a store. I spray painted the walls and installed clothing racks, and I was doing well. Then I got found out by the dean of housing, and they made me take it all down.” At the time, I said: “You shouldn’t be busting me. You should support me! This is why this is not Harvard.” At that point, I said to myself, “I’m going to find a space or some, like, storefront where I can live in the back.” I saw hundreds of spots before I found a place on Craigslist that had a bathtub, which meant I could live there. I immediately called the guy and, without even looking at it in person, said, “I’m in.”

Colm Dillane, KidSuper Founder
As far as I can tell, KidSuper does insipire to keep going on my dream, see that anything is possible, and show disguising the limits. But, most importantly, the pure-childlike faith made KidSuper such an appealing figure. I appreciate that they showed me once again that belief inside me and evoked my childhood passion. 
Way to go by trying as hard as we can!
Built it and they will come!

That brings us to the end and I am leaving you alone with Colm Dillane’s quote…

“A lot of the stuff I do is just to make 15 year old me happy or give 15 year old me an opportunity.”

Colm Dillane, KidSuper Founder

Last but not least, if you are into art, we will have a blast seeing you here. I hope every art-related thing will find you; see you in our following review. ????✌