The Reel Store – U.K.’s First Digital Art Gallery!

The U.K. is gaining its first permanent immersive digital art gallery in April 2022. For this event, the house will be the Reel Store located in the former home of the Coventry Evening Telegraph newspaper.

The Reel Store will host the U.K.’s first permanent immersive digital art gallery.

The reel store is keen on being a prominent feature of the City of Culture program. Moreover, it is also ready to become a host of unforgettable experiences for visitors with an extensive projection mapping canvas with multiple high-quality video projectors and an immersive sound system.

The Reel Store's inaugural will happen with a shining example of an NFT.


The first exhibition at the new gallery will display one of the mind-blowing machine learning arts of Refik Anadol, the “Machine Memoirs: Space” exhibition, in collaboration with NASA. Refik Anadol’s work has been shown in more than 50 cities. This year, it has been exhibited at Art Basel Miami Beach, Artechouse in New York, and König Gallery.

Refik Anadol’s Machine Memoirs: Space will be the first exhibition in the Reel Studio.

Even though Anadol’s works are indescribable, I can attempt to illustrate by saying that they are visually astonishing, mesmerizing, and a hallmark of NFT art. When your first glance, the thoughts pour into your heads. First, you think of his art as something unlikely to occur again. Then, it fills you up the emotions with nothing that would be enough for me after experiencing the ineffable work.

The Reel Store will meet the game-changer Machine Memoirs: Space.


Anadol collects data from many different subjects in real life like humans, cities, or even weather events and turns them into fantastic cinematic experiences with the light of artificial intelligence algorithms.

It is an eye-opener!

To begin with, Refik Anadol investigated and analyzed the relationships between data, memory, knowledge, and history in cosmic dimensions, which their collaboration has inspired NASA JPL since 2018. Later, his A.I. produces new digital interpretations of the furthest reaches of outer space.

Chapter 3: Hubbles.
Chapter 1: ISS.
"Machine Memoirs: Space provides a 360-degree cinematic experience of rich and futuristic visuals accompanied by 3D audio, allowing audiences to encounter the beauty and spectacle of space science, created entirely through A.I."
The process began with a regular review of NASA archives. Afterward, we analyzed and classified the visual data collection conceptually with the help of machine intelligence and taught the visual memories of each machine to artificial intelligence with the GAN algorithm named StyleGAN2ADA. Finally, we created poetic, immersive experiences by combining fluid dynamics algorithms, which we have been using with great enthusiasm in our works for years.
ISS, MRO, and Hubble: A.I. data paintings, Refik Anadol.


Art Basel Miami Beach

König Galerie

Artechouse in New York

The Reel Store is endeavoring to be ready for your visit. At this moment finishing, but if you are interested in Refik Anadol works, we can continue our journey here.

Last but not least, if you are into art, we will have a blast seeing you here. I hope every art-related thing will find you; see you in our following review. ????????????

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